31 North 62 East

31 North 62 East


31 North 62 East review

Film description

A psychological thriller about how an elite SAS unit's position, is revealed by the British Prime Minister; to ensure an arms deal goes ahead and to secure his re-election.

Release Dates

UK Cinema release
September 18th 2009
UK DVD release
September 20th 2010



    • Tatie

      Aug 27th 2009, 16:50

      I think this review is way off the mark! I saw this film when it came to the Cannes Marche and considering it is a low budget film it is pretty impressive! Good cast, great shots and an amazing torture scene!

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    • sarahharding

      Sep 15th 2009, 16:23

      I saw this film at the press release, two words ‘absolute rubbish.’ I have been reviewing films for nearly 20 years, I have only ever walked out of one film, as it was so bad, this was very nearly the second. I have no idea who Tristan Loraine is or how he's managed to direct a feature, but the dialogue was just awful, the editing was slow and felt like it had been edited by school kids or an absolute beginner, its confusing and just an all round bad egg! The photography isn’t any thing special, its ok, but that’s about it. Please don't waste your money seeing this, more importantly don't waste your time.

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