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Biker teen develops psychic powers. 



The end of the world was only the beginning. 


'No. I just have to find how MUCH of it is a trap.'

'The future is not a straight line. It is filled with many crossroads. There must be a future that we can choose for ourselves.'

'He's not your friend, he ours! If somebody's gonna kill him, it should be us!'

Neo Tokyo 2030, 38 years after World War 3;

Tetsuo is a teenager who is part of a biker gang run by Kaneda, whilst involved in a chase with a rival gang, Tetsuo has an accident caused by a strange looking boy with the number 26 tattooed on his hand.

Rather than being taken to hospital, Tetsuo is taken to a military research facility and experimented upon, he soon develops psychic powers and learns of a boy who shared similar abilities named Akira.

Kaneda joins forces with a group of rebels, sworn to unveil the truth behind the experiments that have been conducted on children such as Akira in order to prevent another World War.

The group discover that Kaneda’s friend Tetsuo has developed powers, and the search begins to track him down.

Struggling to control his power, Tetsuo escapes the research facility and attempts to search for Akira, whose remains were cryogenically frozen after World War 3.

Upon discovering the truth Tetsuo wages war on the military and anyone who stands in his way, including Kaneda and his new friends.

Written by: Duane Weatherall

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
June 17th 2011
UK DVD release
March 18th 2002
UK Blu-ray release
June 27th 2011



    • firion

      Oct 26th 2009, 0:53

      I can't believe it got 3 stars, this is an amazing film, it deserves 5 stars or more

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    • rylojr1977

      Jul 26th 2010, 20:02

      Firion - agreed, totally. It's a work of art that is kinetic, adult and a wonderfully stylised vision of the future. Superb soundtrack, some intelligent voice acting and a dense, layered storyline. Up there with 2001 as a sci-fi picture. Maybe the only problem is that it only features about a third of the original 2000+ page manga plot and characters, yet it compliments the manga perfectly and brings Otomo's intricate art beautifully to fluid life. 5 stars, for sure.

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