Alien 5 (prequel)

Alien 5 (prequel)


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    • zombiebones64

      Jul 25th 2009, 2:13

      It needs to be known that there are several novels written which precluded Alien 4 (and Alien 3, for that matter !!)which had the craft crash into earth as in Alien 4 ending and from that crash the Alien survived and wreaked havoc on earth; reducing a near wipeout of all human life, just a rag-tag lot of humans surviving. Now, imagine...Ripley,somehow gets to hear of the 'Alien Genocide' going on, gets to earth and somehow leads the revolt against them. Even if this doesn't become the case, imagine the potential of off-shoot series, even a Battlestar Galactica type series that could spring up once the franchise is ended, (if they end it kindly, that is !). So far, the movies have stuck to the books in certain ares such as Aliens sacrificing another to gain an advantage as in Alien 4 where the Aliens took advantage of another Alien and killed it to 'acify' a wall to breakout and attempt to get top the 'Betty', let alone the potential of Aliens spontaneously changing sex, (rather like frogs), when needs be. You all oughta rerad all the books as a prequel will definately show how the 'Jockey' was compromised, how the Aliens arrived and obviously how our intervention with them began. That would be Alien5, but Alien 6, the final in the franchise, will be about the near wipeout of all human life, fronted (possibly) by Sigourney, how we reclaim earth at the dying moments assisted by the 'Jockey' species who return to wipeout the Aliens. All of this is in the 'Aliens' books, you gotta read 'em. Andy P

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    • Pumpkill

      Apr 3rd 2010, 16:48

      To be completely honest, I feel Scott should be able to have full-reign over what goes on in the prequel, and not have to follow comics or anything. Because, while directors keeping to the comic books is fine, Ridley Scott doesn't have to, as he was the man behind the orignal... so he has more right to change the comic books, than the comics do to change his vision. He has every right to defy them, as its his work to begin with

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