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Ant-Man will see Shaun Of The Dead and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World director Edgar Wright at the helm of this Marvel superhero film which tells the story of Hank Pym, one of the most legendary of the Avengers.

Ant-Man will sees biochemist Hank Pym discover a group of sub-atomic particles and develop the ability to shrink down and control insects. With Attack The Block writer Joe Cornish on screenplay duties, Ant-Man will look to tie into the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe and will probably see Pym pop up in a sequel to Avengers Assemble.

You can find out everything about Ant-Man, due to release in 2014, by stayin glued to this page.

The film has now been officially annouced by Marvel at Comic-Con 2012, along with its official poster image and some test footage. Edgar Wright has been promising us a film as funny as the Iron Man film and the early footage of Hank Pym taking out two guards and jumping through vents while all the way changing size has recieved a warm reception in San Diego.

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