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Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paraplegic Marine, is offered the opportunity to travel to Pandora, a distant planet that Humans are mining for precious minerals.

Once on Pandora Jake is told that the marine objective on the planet is to relocate the local indigenous population, the Na'vi, tall blue cat-like creatures, as their villiage rests on the richest source of minerals.

Jake learns that he is to inflitrate the Na'vi by having his conscious projected into an Avatar - a Na'vi/Human hybrid grown in a lab using his DNA. If he completes his mission, the scientists will give him back his legs.

Ported into the Avatar, Jake takes full advantage of the freedoms his new body provides, and quickly crosses paths with the Na'vi, in particular, the beautiful Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

With the pressure mounting to move the Na'vi, the Marines mount a final charge determined to exterminate the whole population, but Jake has a change of heart.

Realising he has finally found something worth fighting for, he joins with the Na'vi and leads them against his former employers, utilising the creatures and enviornments of Pandora to fight off the superior Marine invasion.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
December 18th 2009
UK DVD release
April 26th 2010
UK DVD release
November 20th 2010
UK Blu-ray release
April 26th 2010
UK Blu-ray release
November 20th 2010

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    • James12

      Feb 7th 2009, 12:25

      Seriously, hurry up already!

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    • jonny99

      Jul 23rd 2009, 15:21

      i would if i wasent too busy droolin

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    • Ahmet1812

      Sep 1st 2009, 20:57

      Looks like a computer game!

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    • Marshall85

      Sep 3rd 2009, 12:38

      Is it just me or do the graphics for this film look like Animatrix, Final Fantasy spirits within and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children? With the film starring big Blue Thunder Cats who look like Kimahri Ronso from Final Fantasy X, Im looking forward to it as something different :D

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    • Marshall85

      Sep 3rd 2009, 12:39

      Is it just me or do the graphics for this film look like Animatrix, Final Fantasy spirits within and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children? With the film starring big Blue Thunder Cats who look like Kimahri Ronso from Final Fantasy X, Im looking forward to it as something different :D

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    • DanielMcA

      Sep 8th 2009, 20:08

      Too many exclamation marks!

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    • silvio

      Sep 21st 2009, 5:08


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    • edwardsgirl1

      Sep 24th 2009, 9:05

      This is a very unique film and very well done. I love the way they combine the real-life actors with CGI characters. It's beautiful.

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    • kikuchiyo

      Sep 29th 2009, 12:23


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    • patchworx

      Sep 29th 2009, 17:33

      This looks very Phantom Menace to me. Really don't see anything here that excites- it just looks like Surrogates with a budget. I realize of course that film mags depend on access to fill their pages, so there's no hope of Total Film et al being even slightly objective (all you need to do is look at how many stars were afforded the Star Wars redux's). Just hope hope the blistering amount of coverage this is receiving adds up to a somewhat watchable film.

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    • Simondo

      Oct 5th 2009, 8:19

      Those blue things look like Nightcrawler+Malcom McDowell

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    • mikey2127

      Nov 20th 2009, 20:45

      hype,hype,hype, I don't see it, tell me, what is it, what's so great about that trailer. I'm open minded but until I see something that impresses me more than the blue ja ja binks characters, my minds already made up

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    • Mattsimus

      Dec 7th 2009, 20:41

      Mmm lots of negative comments about a film that hasnt even seen its release yet!!! sounds as though regardless of how good this film may be its still gonna see a nailing from atleast half of you......i mean theres having opinions n then theres just being so bored with life n over critical your actually forgetting to enjoy anything!!! the movie looks stunning, interesting, intriguing, original whilst maintaining some familiarity, deep whilst not being to serious about its own existance and need i remind all you apparent movie geniuses that hype is built up by the watcher of the trailer not just the maker of the movie you can, as critical movie fanatics choose not to listen to the hype n still remain positive, and for those who have made up there so called minds before they've seen the movie should hope ppl dont judge them in the same way before they've had a chance to speak!!! EXCLAMATION EXCLAMATION EXCLAMATION..........................................................................................!!!

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    • jonarcher

      Dec 18th 2009, 13:44

      Do believe the hype! I've just seen it at the IMAX - it is spectacular, truly incredible.

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    • DanRose

      Dec 21st 2009, 10:36

      saw it at the IMAX on Sunday morning at 11am and I will say this. It is the most enjoyable movie experience I have ever, ever had at the cinema... if you like movies and I'm sure most of you do there is nothing not to like here. Ignore all the scepticism and pessimistic views being flung around here mostly by people that have not seen it yet, or have only in 2D (WHAT'S THE POINT FOOLS) and go and watch something you have never witnessed before. Isn't that what's cinemas are about? Witnessing something new and excting. Letting your imagination run away with you? Well Cameron has taken you there and then some. The visuals are utterly incredible and you really don't want the movie to end as you are literally engulfued in the beauty of Pandora. So the story line is a little cliche and the its focus on how we are destroying our plantet is obvious and yes we have all seen the story arc before, but I urge you to not worry about that and go and enjoy an experience you will never forget. I did not want the movie to end. Now how many films can you say that about? And for goodness sake watch it in 3D....as God, whoops sorry Cameron intended.

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    • AndyHouse

      Dec 22nd 2009, 19:27

      All you cynics will be eating your words. A staggering achievement in CG film. Someone said Phantom Menace - I would say somewhere between Return of the Jedi and LOTR.. But it makes Lord of the Rings look like a Sega Megadrive game. Also Thankyou James Cameron - for making me fancy a 12ft blue cat.

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    • tjahdjokja234

      Dec 23rd 2009, 3:49

      awesome ! brilliant idea of other planet !

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    • entervoice

      Dec 23rd 2009, 7:34

      It's a good film,not a great film. The special effects are good in parts and fuzzy in some sections. The story is weak,but I'm sure the sequel will be much better. Watch it in 3-D, you might have to have a second viewing because there so much visual information to take in at one sitting.

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    • Erico

      Dec 30th 2009, 19:45

      Absolutely fantastic ! Dazzling ! Take's the world of cinema to a whole new level. It took me to a different world ! Was gripped from the beginning. It is a film which appeals to all ages. Take a bow James Cameron he has yet again created a masterpiece.

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    • randomsmartie

      Dec 31st 2009, 4:54

      To all viewers and readers, I went to see this film in 3D on December 30th 2009 and believe me it did not dissapoint. Although some people may not have gone to see the film for the graphics, there must be at least a small appretiation for them. I think the graphics not only adds to the scenes and general look, but it adds to the excitement and adventure. Of course there are weak spots in all films and this certainly has a minority. In my personal opinion, I thought the film was too long and as I have observed others' views, yes the stroyline could have done with a little buffing on the edges. I think people are totally down grading this film because I have definately seen films which have spent even more money making the film and it turns out to be rubbish. So for those of you who don't really know what to make of the film or are criticising it, all I can say to you is that i'd like to see you make something that is visually and altogether more impressive.

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    • Siban1982

      Jan 1st 2010, 15:03

      This was a very long showcase of 3D cinema and animation. Great visuals and designs to Pandora and the creatures within but ultimately a very shallow story with very little substance or originality. Not a major let down in my opinion considering that Titanic came before it and I didn't let the hype get the better of me. Aspects of Titanic's story structure can easily be found here but what's missing more than anything from Avatar is Cameron's classic way of storytelling and his creation of original action scenes. Where normally he would make sure that there is always a tension and suspense and a threat that's constantly questioned by the audience and delivered in small doses throughout his films, this wasn't apparent in Avatar. Terminator was an unstoppable machine from the future, how do you beat such a advanced machine with modern day weaponry and tech? Aliens were large in numbers, very stealth like and had acid for blood, how to kill them when low on ammo and marines? Although it was apparent in Titanic, (the ship sinking, how are they going to survive?) the film was missing those original action scenes laid throughout the film until coming to its final conclusion. Scenes like Newt and Ripley being locked in with a Facehugger without any weapons to defend themselves in Aliens. It's totally captivating. There was nothing like this in Titanic or Avatar. Avatar's action wasn't original, it was too predictable. The majority of which comes at the end, after the incredibly tiresome and terribly cliche "Brave Heart" speech, I simply didn't care for the final action scene because it was just too long coming and unfortunately very predictable. Too long with a terrible story but visually striking. Advanced 3D cinema? Not really, we still have to wear glasses to appreciate it fully and unfortunate that our visual focus is decided for us.

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    • mikethediver

      Jan 1st 2010, 16:44

      Fantastic computer graphics, outstanding in it's graphics field. As a film - poor. If looking at graphics is your idea of entertainment this film is for you. If you want a story, action, and dialogue then it sucks! Totally predictable plot & dialogue, far toooooo slow.

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    • iLovemovies

      Jan 2nd 2010, 21:02

      Movie was freaking insane , im totally going to buy this one for bluray . Loved the ending and story could of been better .

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    • Irvinmagno

      Jan 4th 2010, 21:17

      didn't look like a computer game what so ever :S

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    • Smurfycat

      Jan 13th 2010, 16:54

      Seriously now... The film had outstandingly beautiful images. The best in CGI and 3D ever! In fact you realize how good special effects are if you forget about them. You don't 'see' the CGI anymore. The problem with Avatar is, that since it's so well made you forget about the FX, you soon realized how silly and childish the story is! It's 'The Last Samurai', 'Pocahontas' and 'Dances With Wolves' by way of 'Captain Planet'! So, seriously what do you get? An overtly long CGI show with an insultingly silly plot... I'd give it *** max.

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    • homechef

      Jan 13th 2010, 17:30

      I agree with Smurfycat entirely, a superb spectacle with the most cliche ridden predictable plotting I've seen. If it weren't for the 3D and fabulous effects this film wouldn't rate a single star. Borrowing from every white man gone native western, with a nod to the conservationists and utterly unconvincing dialogue and characterisation, it would be hard to think of a worse film. Even the characters played by live actors were so unconvincing I thought some of them were CGI (the head marine in particular). Do not go to see this film in 2D, it would be atotal waste of money and a lot of time.

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    • LisaHenley88

      Jan 14th 2010, 10:53

      seen this film and it was not a bad film, very good special effects, and the anamations were amazing, saw this film in 3D and was brilliant. one to watch :)

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    • herosthroe

      Jan 27th 2010, 10:30

      Anyone remember watching the original Matrix at the cinema for the first time? I do- I came out of the screening with such a huge grin, trying to run up walls etc. That film was a cinema changing experience- despite its unoriginal plot and fairly wooden characters... Now, Avatar- When I saw the trailer, I said: "Looks like a cross between The Phantom Menace and Fern Gully, don't think I'll bother with that..." However, a Friend recently convinced me to see Avatar in 3D and thank **** he did!!!! I have never seen anything like it!! No silly 3D gimmicks here!! From the onset it feels like you could walk into the world of Pandora- I actually felt like I was wrapped up inside the movie- I could not stop smiling and my eyes felt like they were getting wider with every new scene placed before me! Like The matrix before it, the plot was a bit unoriginal but was exactly what it needed to be... Avatar makes you feel for the characters and the world in which they live so you're backing them 100% when the immense final battle takes place!! I doubt it would have worked any other way- and to be completely honest, who gives a s**t when the experience as a whole is just phenomenal!!!! Total Film should create a 6 Star rating called "Avatar Great!"

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    • SussexUK

      Feb 25th 2010, 23:45

      WOW... what an amazing, fantastic, wonderful... cartoon! Biggest box office movie ever made? Do they give out oscars for Marketing and Hype? Great to look at, boring to sit through, unless you are 12yrs old then i'd image you'd probably wet yourself with excitement. Parts 2 and 3 coming... damn.. the paint on the wall has already dried, what other excuse can i make.

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    • Beauly

      Mar 4th 2010, 18:45

      Truly amazing film.Loved it.

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    • BoxerTom

      Mar 15th 2010, 21:11

      This film is NOT The Future of film making as Cameron is would have you beleave, truly incredible CGI but how much did it cost? ranging from $230 million (The New Yorker) to nearly $500 million (The New York Times) and I cant see anyone wanting to pay that sort of cash. The film is in no doubt a step forward for 3D viewing as it adds something to the movie but when it comes out on dvd it will be just another CGI film (unless you have a 3D telly) that you will stick on from time to time so the kids shut up. The plot has been done time and time again, it is not the first fully CGI film and I doubt it will be the last, maybe Cameron should go into marketing as thats seems to be what he is best at. The hype is what has made the film so watch it and enjoy it while the hype is still there.

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    • hendrixisgod777

      Mar 21st 2010, 16:04

      The film looked great but by the 90th minute became boring and predictable. Essentially, 'Pocahontas' without the laughs which seems to be a view shared by some of 'Avatar's strongest defenders, including 'Totalfilm'. How can a film get 5 stars if it's a pale imitation of past successes? I'll give it 4 stars but that includes a bonus star for use of technology. As for Andy Lowe, I've dug him out before and I'm gonna do it again: Please stop writing reviews that make you sound like a giddy school girl on prom night. Please back up your praise with facts, examples and without (as someone mentioned before) sounding like something out of a lads mag. What's happened to the Dan Jolins and Ceri Thomases? This is another review that will be downgraded in 6 months which is a shame because it's a disservice to other films, film makers and more importantly, the paying public.

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    • lukeworm100

      Apr 30th 2010, 18:53

      I suppose it is good but don't expect to be amazed even though the CGI is incredible but I wasn't that fond of it, I think Titanic was the start of this downfall

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    • siamun29

      Dec 19th 2010, 19:37

      Eye candy, yes, but I thought the Avatars looked clownish and the story was predictable and bland. I love James Cameron and thought he was better than this. The film was a huge disappointment. Not original at all and definitely not a 5 star movie!

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