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James Cameron has been annoucing his plans for Avatar 2. According to Cameron the sequel will explore the different environments of Pandora, paying particular attention to the worlds oceans. The director is hoping that this will help to explore the world beyond Pandora which is rumoured to be his background for a possible Avatar 3.

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December 19th 2014

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    • DanielMcA

      Apr 26th 2010, 21:01

      Actually, I was talking to Jim last week in Newry (he said he was James Cameron) and he said his next project was an English language version of Red Road.

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    • Dortmunder70

      Apr 29th 2010, 13:37

      i met him too, he told me his next project was a remake of Ken Loachs' Cathy Come home

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    • DanielMcA

      May 12th 2010, 21:55

      I call this poem: Jim, Jim, you're full of vim. Jim, Jim, you're full of vim But your beard is full of crumbs. Must we settle for the crumbs From your beard, Jim? Full of vim.

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    • hendrixisgod777

      May 18th 2010, 16:33

      This is preposterous! Avatar 2?!? there was barely enough storyline for an Avatar 1. Seriously, the graphics were great but I got more emotionally involved watching my mate play Resident Evil on his X-box! I'm starting to feel old and jaded as so many people seem to like it and look forward to a sequel. I for one will be avoiding it like the plague and for the record Cameron hasn't made anything decent since Terminator 2.

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    • Ragehead

      Jun 16th 2010, 10:36

      Hmm...as usual...milking the 1st film's success..well the first one was a original...but I dont see the need to revisit....

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    • nacton

      Jun 25th 2010, 9:05

      @ hendrix , ya dog on an award winning record breaking movie with innovating and top of the line 3d animation. this movies story was mirroring humanity's past. you must not like history and im sure the rest of the world that enjoyed the story thinks your oppinion sucks too. and its responding to the fans wishes, if we as the audience didnt ask for it they wouldnt make it. it just depends if it lives up to our expectations.

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    • monty

      Jul 23rd 2010, 18:26

      beyond disappointed that cameron would make a sequel to this genius film... whats next titanic two: the return of jack.

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    • Jcoyle

      Nov 28th 2010, 14:03

      Deffinately milking this one but why not ? Theres a huge amount of people wanting to see a number 2 and i am one of them, i think the oceans will be a great place to explore i just cant even start to imagine a storyline for this, apart from maybe war between the other clans or something, but i heard rumours that the third film would be visiting another moon and i was thinking "wtf" if Cameron does this i think he will just kill the trilogy but lets see what the future holds.

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    • KathrynKemp32

      Mar 10th 2011, 7:55

      The story of the first one was nothing original but nobody saw past the 3D. I did because I'm thoroughly sick of 3D already - it was a novelty at first but now it's just overkill. Don't get me wrong - I fully appreciate James Cameron and I'm quite a fan of Sam Worthington but sometimes you gotta just enjoy it while it lasts, look back on it with a smile on your face and move on. Oh well the rich get richer I suppose?

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    • asmooth

      Jun 26th 2011, 22:22

      @hendrixisgod777 & Monty: Love it or hate it, I can't understand how you can't understand that a film as commercially successful as Avatar wouldn't spawn a sequel / franchise..

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    • strongbow21

      Mar 20th 2012, 16:49

      a sequel to dances with smurfs, can't wait

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    • tim1363

      Mar 22nd 2012, 13:22

      I loved the 3D, it's the only 3D film that I've seen that seems to fully imerse you, the technology was fantastic, but, there was nothing orignal about the plotline, the story has been told over and over again, and a lot better. So he's making another couple, great for those who want to pay to see, I just will choose not to, and I'm sure others will as well, but a lot of people who are impressed by shiny things will spend their hard earned money to line Mr Camerons pocket and massage his ego further.

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    • FBRSamra

      Mar 25th 2012, 20:26

      Actually, the producer announced that Avatar 2 is "four years away" (2016)

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    • drbond1980

      Oct 23rd 2012, 9:17

      4 years?

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    • irishbrian

      Mar 18th 2013, 13:07

      Strongbow21 Is So Right , The First One Was Basically, Dances With Wolves In Space With Blue People , I Thought It Was c**p, Plain And Simple. Wont Be Wasting My Hard Earned On A Milking Sequel ( Or Threequel !!! )

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    • jasonoconnor

      Jul 10th 2013, 12:26

      come on people the way the 1st one ended THIS IS JIM CAMREOON WERE ON ABOUT

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