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"Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg" says the action packed trailer as a new CIA agent Aaron Cross (The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner) hurtles from rootop to rooftop.

The Bourne Legacy will focus on Aaron Cross's story, told in parallel to the events of the original trilogy, which sees another government programme churning out a new breed of super-soldier, described by Byer (Fight Club's Edward Norton) as "Treadstone without the inconsistencies."

However, as with Bourne, Cross isn't a company man for long, and when he ends up going rogue, it's down to the shadowy Byers to ensure he's taken out as soon as possible. Trouble is, there aren't many better equipped to evade capture than Aaron Cross…

As for the plot, director Tony Gilroy has revealed that The Bourne Ultimatum would be the jumping off point for his film, with the climax of the original trilogy setting in motion the events of Legacy. Not quite a sequel, not quite a prequel. Think X-Men Origins: Wolverine's relationship to the X-Men trilogy in reverse. But you know... good (hopefully)

Directed by series stalwart Gilroy and co-starring existing franchise stars Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Albert Finney, as well as new love interest The Lovely Bones' Rachel Weisz, The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK on 13 August 2012. There was never just one...

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UK Cinema release
August 13th 2012
UK Blu-ray release
December 3rd 2012

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      Apr 19th 2010, 21:35

      can't wait for this i love these films!!!

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    • lenakravchenko

      Aug 9th 2012, 20:19

      hey guys, check out this! its a great movie with bunch of cool soundtracks performed by Freddy Mercury, Pet Benatar, Adam Ant and many others!

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