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January 9th 2009


    • DannyOBrien

      Jan 16th 2009, 16:39

      although i don't expect any more from Kate Hudson i was surprised to see an actress of Anne Hathaway's standard in what is possibly the worst film of this genre since 'Monster in Law'

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    • ELLC21

      Jan 27th 2009, 20:01

      This was painful from first minute to last and not just the c**p story line but also watching the two of the most annoying actresses in Hollywood trying to act funny. Awful.

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    • James12

      Feb 6th 2009, 15:24

      I was dragged by a friend to watch this...Please dont make the same mistake i did, i was dying inside at every passing second of it.

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    • AMIE2395

      Jun 18th 2009, 20:31

      oh come on it wasnt that bad, ok it is a bit of a chick flick for women but it wasnt awful! il admit its not the best film in the world but the actresses in it were well fitting and it had a happy ending and some giggles along the way :) x

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