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UK DVD release
October 27th 2011
UK Blu-ray release
October 27th 2011



    • stanlaurel1

      Oct 2nd 2010, 13:42

      Guy Moshe's eye-popper Bunraku is going to blaze a trail. It's already wowed the film festivals and Total Film gave it a promo this month. Stars like Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson and Ron Perlman will get coverage, but the real talking point will be the Japanese superstar GACKT who plays the film's samurai drifter. This guy's unknown here but is huge in Japan. A rock-singer, songwriter, martial artist, actor, producer and all-round never-sleeps perfectionist, GACKT is one to watch. No surprise Hartnett and film festival critics were impressed. Recently in London for his first ever UK concert (at the grungy O2 Islington Academy), he's flown home to continue playing a samurai on stage, after playing another on the big Japanese TV series Fuurin Kazan, which led to him being spotted for the role in Bunraku. But he's also played a nazi-cyborg in his own stage show last year and a gun-toting punk in the vampire movie Moonchild (2003) which he also wrote. Just another Asian actor in a super-cool American indie? No way. Bunraku's his first western film; but GACKT is already a name to know.

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