Buried review

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A truck driver kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents, Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes in hammering blackness somewhere under the desert. 

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
September 29th 2010
UK DVD release
February 14th 2011
UK Blu-ray release
February 14th 2011



    • helaumur

      Oct 19th 2010, 21:18

      Trapped in a tiny box, i watched this film in a tiny cinema that felt like an arena in comparison to the nightmare on screen. Ryan Reynolds is fantastic as Paul Conroy who has the best phone i have ever seen, you can really feel his frustration throughout the film when he is put on hold and having to explain his situation over and over. Dark and Hitchcockian with Rear Window comparisons of being shot in one place, it is an intense thriller with an intelligent ending that left me cold and the audience stunned. The first few minutes are just so horrible, for a while, it is a POV and you feel scared and want to shout at the screen. Since Oren Peli changed horror, Cortes has made the genre turn another corner in an understated simple film. Brilliant.

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