Burma VJ: From A Closed Country

Burma VJ: From A Closed Country


Burma VJ: From A Closed Country review

Film description

Using smuggled footage, this documentary tells the story of the 2007 protests in Burma by thousands of monks.

Release Dates

UK Cinema release
July 17th 2009
UK DVD release
February 1st 2010
UK Blu-ray release
February 1st 2010


    • channelbee

      Jul 22nd 2009, 11:15

      Interview with director Anders Østergaard and secret video journalist For further background on the film, Channelbee has an interview with the director and secret Video Journalist ‘Joshua’ who shows how the Burmese VJs risk torture, imprisonment and even death in their quest to report honestly what is going on in their closed country. You can see the interview at http://channelbee.com/home/show/video/1773 See more about this powerful documentary at [url]http://burmavjmovie.com[/url]

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