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Captain America: The Winter Soldier will see Chris Evans reprise his role as Steve Rogers in the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger.

You, Me And Dupree director-brother-duo the Russos will be in the director's chair(s) in the the Captain America strand to Marvel's Phase Two plans for it's cinematic universe.

With it not set to release until 2014, plot details are thin on the ground. However following Marvels release of the film's official poster and subtitle at Comic Con '12 we can make some educated guesses as to what may happen...

In the comic books, The Winter Soldier is a deadly KGB agent and spy who is eventually revealed to be <SPOILER ALERT> Bucky, Captain America's friend and sidekick who we saw played by Hot Tub Time Machine''s Sebastain Stan in the first film and was presumed dead.

There has also been word that Anthony Mackie is set to join the cast as Falcon, the avian-themed alter ego of Sam Wilson, notable for being one of the first black superheroes in mainstream comics.

Marvel has been keen to stress that Captain America 2 will be the Phase Two film that will tie most closely to Avengers Assemble and its eventual sequel, with a focus on how the First Avenger adapts to live in the 21st Century. With Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury and those at S.H.I.E.L.D being his only real confidantes, expect a more personal superhero film, with a espionage feel.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
March 28th 2014
UK Blu-ray release
August 18th 2014
US Cinema release
April 4th 2014

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