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The cult classic Carrie, based on Stephen King’s horror novel, is given a new lease of life by Kimberly Peirce, director of Boys Don’t Cry and the hit TV show The L Word.

The plot surrounds a young school girl who discovers the unique gift of telekinesis. Abused by her borderline psychotic and God-fearing mother, Carrie White is a shy introvert, bullied at school by both peers and teachers. Constantly enduring the endless torture both at home and school, Carrie’s mind is destroyed while her new power simultaneously grows, resulting in a tragic climax.

The story culminates at Carrie’s prom, where her peers plot a cruel prank, lifting Carries spirits then utterly humiliating her.  As a result, the wrath of her full power ensues and all hell breaks loose as she wreaks havoc on the sleepy American town.

Originally adapted in 1976, Carrie first came to our screens through the direction of Brian De Palma (Scarface (1983), Carlito’s Way (1993)), laying forth a film remembered for it’s terrifying portrait of the human condition. Peirce replaces the gangster auteur in the adaptation of King’s novel, and undoubtedly has big boots to fill, especially with 2013’s Carrie being a sharp turn in genre for the director.

The film sees Chloë Grace Moretz as the terrifying teen and Julianne Moore as her estranged mother. The pair look set to cause a storm in the suburbs of Maine as both have had plenty of past experiences with troubled characters (Moretz in Let Me In (2010) and Moore in The Forgotten (2004). Other notable cast members include Judy Greer as the sympathetic gym teacher, known mostly for her light comic roles.  Perhaps this role will present a new side to the Love And Other Drugs (2010) actress.

So far, the Carrie remake has released some official images and an ominous poster.

According to Moretz, the film will be “darker and much more psychological”, while co-star Greer claims Moretz is “incredibly moving” in the lead role.

Carrie opens in the UK on 5 November 2013.

Are you excited about Carrie? Or feeling cynical about the thought of yet another horror remake? Tell us below!

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November 29th 2013



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      Waited over an hour to watch this film, not disappointed.

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