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A rampaging monster lays waste to Manhattan, all captured by terrified non-hero Hud on his consumer camcorder.



Some Thing Has Found Us


‘If you found this tape, I mean if you're watching this right now, then you probably know more about it than I do.’

Rob Hawkins: 'Still filming?'
Hud: 'Yeah, people are gonna want to know... how it all went down.'
Rob Hawkins: 'Well, you can just tell them how it all went down, Hud.'
Hud: 'No, that wouldn't work. People need to see this, you know? It's gonna be important. People are going to watch this.'


On the eve of Rob Hawkins’ departure for Japan, his friends throw him a surprise party. 

Rudely interrupted by explosions, overturning oil tankers and a decapitated iconic statue, the fun really starts as the monster shows up to tear Manhattan a new arsehole.

Goofy Hud has been charged with filming the party and maintains his role as cameraman throughout the film. 

Following the group of friends, Hud captures the monster's attack on Brooklyn Bridge, and their subsequent mission to rescue the love of Rob’s life from a ruined building.

Written by: Pete Turner

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
February 1st 2008
UK DVD release
June 9th 2008
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009

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