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January 16th 2009


    • Kaiman1

      Jan 17th 2009, 17:45

      Have just seen this film on the recommendation of a friend. Great acting and looks superb when you consider this is a low budget brit flick. I highly recommend it to everyone, and if you hurry, you'll get a free copy of Watch My Back, from which the film is adapted - great all round I'd say!

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    • filmfluff

      Jan 19th 2009, 11:53

      Caught this at the cinema at the weekend! Great story and excellent heartfelt performances from the central cast. A great insight into one mans battle to take control of his life. Well worth a look on the big screen.

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    • Ladyastute

      Jan 26th 2009, 17:03

      Far exceeded my expectations. Thought there was some superb acting. What really made it for me was the soundtrack! Overall a definite must-see :)

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