Film description

In a nutshell:

An American filmmaker lost in a Coppola version of 60’s France, searches to find himself... and an ending.



What is real?  What is Art?  What is…the End?



'I want to capture what is real and honest.'
'And what if it is boring?'


Paul (Jeremy Davies), an American filmmaker working as an editor on a low-budget Science Fiction film is called upon to finish the project after the director is fired over an ambiguous ending. 

The film follows a secret agent, Dragonfly, as she seeks to stop a band of rebels who possess a secret weapon of unknown power on their moon base. 

Simultaneously, Paul is working on a personal project documenting his daily life, thoughts, obsessions and his dissolving relationship with his French girlfriend, Marlene (Elodie Bouchez). 

As both projects begin to spin out of control he finds the boundary between film and reality blurring, and when someone begins to sabotage the Dragonfly production Paul fights to gain a handle on the film and his life.

Written by: Keith Krepcho