Dancing At Lughnasa

Dancing At Lughnasa


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UK Cinema release
December 4th 1998


    • Paloma

      Nov 30th 2009, 4:28

      I am personally attached with movies. Especially when it is about science fiction. NASA recently carried out a mission to determine if there was water on the moon, granted it was by dropping a bomb on the moon, but it was confirmed. There is indeed water on the moon, or rather, there are ice particles. This means some degenerates are going to try and see if anyone is dumb enough to want to buy moon water – meaning ice that sits under tons of dirt and rocks, and gets irradiated by the sun and other radiation in space constantly, and if you drank it – say hello to radiation poisoning and losing a kidney! So whatever you do, don't go to a money lender to start selling bottles filled with the water on the moon.

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