Dead Man's Shoes

Dead Man's Shoes


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Paddy Considine wants payback in Shane Meadows' latest...

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UK Cinema release
October 1st 2004
UK DVD release
March 21st 2005

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    • SteveF

      Jun 29th 2009, 15:55

      Dead man's shoes is best described as a revenge flick. Early on in teh film you see a man and his brother walking and talking. It is evident that the younger of the brothers has learning difficulties and always looks to his brother for support. As the film progresses you get flashbacks to the ordeal the younger endured. The elder brother who is an ex-para basically seeks revenge on the gang that abused him. In a strong performance from paddy Considine we see a man who feels guilty for how he left his brother behind and the anger at the men who hurt him. He systematically terrorises thye men before offing them in different ways. However there is a twist to the story that i will not divulge. I found the film to be well acted and very gritty with the inner turmoil of the lead character as he slips further into darkness is more evident as the film goes on. Not a film to sit through cuddled up to the lady in your life but one that will make you think and even empaphise with the central character.

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