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Naomi Watts plays the People's Princess in Diana. This Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall) film tells the life of Princess Di from the perspective of her bodyguard Ken Wharfe.

Diana (formerly known as Caught In Flight) will focus on the final two years of Diana’s life, apparently charting how ‘finding true personal happiness allowed her to achieve her defining successes, as she evolved into a major international campaigner and humanitarian’,  and will centre itself around the two-year affair between Diana and heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn, who is often referred to as the “love of her life”, played by Naveen Andrews. Don’t expect Clarence House to be offering the royal seal of approval any time soon then...

Pushing the film to buyers at the American Film Market, Hirschbiegel referred to “the compassion and wisdom Dr. Kahn showed to Diana”, whilst those who have seen the script suggest that Diana will be portrayed as a damaged and romantically frustrated heroine.

The first image of Naomi Watts dressed as Princess Diana has been released and the likeness is rather uncanny.  We think Diana stands to be a major player in the 2013 Oscar race, not least in the Best Actress category.

What do you think of Diana? Do you think Naomi Watts makes a good princess?  Would you have prefered Jessica Chastain in the role as originally planned? Sound off in the comments below. The Daily Mail will, no doubt...

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UK Cinema release
September 20th 2013