Dig For Victory

Dig For Victory


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This DVD companion to the Imperial War Museum's Second World War "Ministry Of Food" Exhibition is the definitive compilation. It affords a very detailed insight into the logistical struggle to feed the British during the dark days of war regarding both fighting servicemen and civilians on the home front.

Films include: Food Convoy (1940), Food From The Empire (1940), Choose Cheese (1940), Wisdom Of The Wild (1940), Fighting Fields (1941), Piping Hot (1941), Dig For Victory (1941), How To Dig (1941), Emergency Cooking Stoves (1941), Queen's Messengers (1941), Canteen On Wheels (1941), Eating Out With Tommy Trinder (1941), Sowing And Picking (1941), Filling The Gap (1942), Making A Compost Heap (1942), The Great Harvest (1942), Twelve Days (1942), The Harvest Shall Come (1942), Willing Hands (1944) and Rationing In Britain (1944).

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UK DVD release
June 14th 2010