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UK Cinema release
September 11th 2009
UK DVD release
January 12th 2010



    • MissPennyLane

      Jan 30th 2010, 2:03

      I totally DISAGREE with the review..... like the last comment I totally loved the film, and at first did not know why! I was left speechless.... sat there in deep thought, I still am! I cannot find the words to describe it- shocking, the decadence was certainly there. Ben Barnes seemed to fit perfectly for the part of Dorian Gray totally consumed in endless pleasures, guilt and...... evil. Watching it you could see him becoming darker and lost in all that was wrong. Near the end I kind of wanted to see him move on and change sucessfully, although watching I knew all things like that must end. I was totally engrossed in the film, almost consumed by it myself! It leaves one feeling strange, like a love hate relationship mixed with fascination? I have never seen a film that has left me sat here.... quite like this! I must buy a copy!

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