Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity


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In a nutshell:

Knowing he’s caught, an insurance salesman confesses the murder he committed to get the dame.



You can’t kiss away a murder!


Walter Neff: 'How could I have known that murder could sometimes smell like honeysuckle?'

Phyllis Dietrichson: 'We're both rotten.'
Walter Neff: 'Only you're a little more rotten.'


Walter Neff, ordinary insurance salesman, stumbles into his office on a late, cold night.

Settling painfully into his desk chair, Neff dictates a memo on his Dictaphone to his boss, Barton Keyes.

It becomes immediately clear that Neff is confessing to being behind the accidental insurance claim Keyes is investigating.

Through his narration, Neff takes Keyes through the tangled story that lead to the murder of Mr. Dietrichson.

On a routine insurance call, Neff arrives at the Dietrichson home to renew Mr. Dietrichson’s automobile policy.

Instead of finding Mr. Dietrichson, Neff finds his sultry wife, Phyllis.

A mixture of flirtation and honeysuckle filled the air as Phyllis begins to ask about taking a life insurance policy out on her husband - without his knowledge. 

Neff is stirred from his attraction to Phyllis when he realizes her murderous intentions behind the policy.

He leaves quickly, but the smell of honeysuckle lingers in his mind.

Phyllis pursues Neff to his apartment to try and convince him to help her murder her husband and share the insurance claim money. Neff is no match for her salacious advances.

He agrees and they plot the perfect murder; an accidental death which would force the insurance company to pay twice the amount because of a “double indemnity” clause.

With everything in place, the “accident” goes perfectly according to plan.

But, as is the trend with perfect murders, that’s when the plan goes completely array.

Written by: Shanel Wilson

Release Dates

UK DVD release
July 1st 2005
UK Blu-ray release
June 25th 2012

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