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April 10th 2009

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    • DanzierRebirth

      Feb 8th 2009, 3:43

      I am not looking forward to this film at all. For instance just reading the review in issue 152 of total film, i am shocked by all of it. Lord of the dragonballs? Im sorry, but they wanted to dragonballs to make a wish, not to become lord of the dragonballs, if im mistaken, and that was just total film saying it, let me know. and also piccolo? what the hell have they done to him, could they have got a worst actor to play him? somehow i dont think they could of, james marthers? aha not a chance. Also its King Piccolo, Not ' Lord ' also Chow Yun fat as Master Roshi? i dont see it, at all, Granted he is a good actor, But i cant see him fitting the bill as Master Roshi. There is more, Justin Chatwin, does not do Goku any justice at all. He's to sknny and not built enough to play Goku, the hair i can let slide since it is live action and not animated. Also Bulma? whats with the guns? and was it Chi-Chi fighting in the trailer? she doesnt fight when shes an ' adult '. and what is up with them being young adults anyway, they are children in the Dragonball series. and young adults to adults in Dragonball Z. Quite frankly in my opinion you should of stayed true to the orginal. And not put your own twist on it. For fans of the Cartoons and the Manga, they are going to hate it with a passion. But for young children who have never seen Dragonball before, they are going to adore it, but then if they came to watching the oringal, they would either hate the film or hate the manga/cartoon, and i can see it being they wil hate the manga. Meaning you would not of done the Manga series any justice what so ever. I think its a truely terrible idea to make this into a live action film, but if all they are trying to do is turn over a nice little profit, they could of done it, but not at the expsense of the Dragonball fans out there, they could of easily changed the Dragonballs for something else, character names. but kept the story line they have. and also what was the old 7 mystic in the trailer? creating them to stop evil? the dragonballs were created by Kami, and collecting all seven, summoned shenron and gave the person a chance of any one wish. Not stopping evil. ' Dragonball is kind of like a religion ' said by Tim Van Rellim Executive producer of the film. If he truely believes that then why change any aspect of it. Even if it is to bring in a bigger auidence, you would of regardless, they would of come to see it, because it looks amazing, and it would be something different on the big screen. And the Hardcore Fans would see it over and over again. In my opinion, its going to be a hit and/or miss. Hit with the people who have never seen the Manga/cartoon. And a miss with the people who have.

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    • SuperFilms

      Feb 11th 2009, 19:56

      I'm interested if it have good graphic and actions. Thats all, its for intertain not for changing ur mind.

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    • thedarkknight

      Mar 3rd 2009, 9:05

      I could not be less excited about this film. Never mind "Watchmen" being the un-filmable graphic novel. This is in a different league. There is absolutely no way this movie could be good.

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    • Kranitoko

      Mar 7th 2009, 20:18

      Danz........ THIS IS AN ADAPTION! A Few things i will clarify. 1. At the end of the Dragonball Series, Goku was around 19 years old. 2. In an Episode of Dragonball, Bulma did carry a gun. 3. They were not Children at the end of Dragonball. 4. With the King/Lord Piccolo..... does it matter? Its a name... Either way, hes still called Piccolo. 5. James Marsters is perfect for Piccolo. And if your complaining on his voice... its almost like in the Anime. 6. Chow Yun Fat couldnt have been a better person to play him. 7. In the Anime... Goku looked skinny too... yet he was strong. So... does it matter? If i've missed out anything... let me know. Guys... this is an ADAPTION!!!! IF IT WAS EXACTLY LIKE THE ANIME, WE WOULD ALL GET TIRED AS WE COULD HAVE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE!

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    • graham6

      Mar 14th 2009, 23:35

      It looks OK from the trailers, but everyone's saying it's gonna be as bad as Speed Racer- and that was bad!

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    • DanzierRebirth

      Oct 3rd 2009, 13:58

      I have finally got around to seeing this film. Well the first half an hour or so. And I hated it, with a passion. A passion that can not be put into words. Adaption or not, it was S**T. Completey, they have destroyed everything that is Dragonball. All I can say is :) Looks like I was right about it being a load of c**p ever before I had seen it.

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