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In a nutshell:

An angora loving, optimistic filmmaker sets out to make his masterpiece with a has-been movie star and a foam octopus.



When it came to making bad movies, Ed Wood was the best.


Edward D. Wood, Jr.: 'My girlfriend still doesn't know why her sweaters are always stretched out.'

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: 'Really? Worst film you ever saw. Well, my next one will be better.'

Edward D. Wood, Jr: 'You know, you're, you're much scarier in real life than you are in the movie.'
Bela Lugosi: 'Thank you.'

The Plot:

This biopic follows Edward D. Wood, Jr. (Johnny Depp) during his days as a young, struggling filmmaker trying to land his big break in 1950s Hollywood.

With only rudimentary knowledge of how to shoot a movie and a ton of charisma, Wood knocks on every door he can find, but no one’s interested.

As fate would have it, he happens to meet one of his matinee film star idols, Bela Lugosi. They form a fast friendship.

Finally, his break comes when he convinces producer George Weiss to let him direct I Changed My Sex! (which later was renamed Glen or Glenda) because Wood, himself, is a transvestite. A transvestite with a special affinity for angora sweaters. Unfortunately, the film is an utter flop.

Wood’s confidence doesn’t wavier for a second. He convinces Lugosi to be in his films and finds financing from absolutely anyone he can get it from.

Even if that means promising a church leader that if he pays for his monster film, the box office profits from it would more than fund the Twelve Apostles films the church really wants to make.

He even sneaks into a closed movie studio lot with his motley crew to “borrow” a large, mechanical, foam octopus.

Surrounded by a gang of misfits, Wood continues to make critical and box office flops with as much gusto as his idol Orson Welles did while making Citizen Kane. 

Written by: Shanel Wilson

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UK DVD release
June 15th 2006

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