Fargo review

Film description

In a nutshell:

One stupid man’s plan crumbles before him due to his greedy henchmen and the brilliance of a heavily pregnant police woman.



A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere



'We stop at pancakes house”

'Well the guy was kind of funny lookin’'
'In what way?'
'I don’t know, just funny lookin’'


Jerry Lundegaard is just average man from Minnesota. He works as a used car salesman and spends most of his time selling cheap cars for extortionate prices (after he knocks a few hundred dollars off for Trucoat).

He is also in somewhat of a financial funk, and like any respectable man would do, he hires two goons to kidnap his wife and demand his hostile father in law to pay the ransom.

Blood is inconveniently shed however, and the incidents which occur morbidly increase from greed to gruesome, branding a foolish Jerry responsible for the murders that take place.

The murders fall under the jurisdiction of heavily instinctive (and heavily pregnant) Sherriff Marge Gunderson from nearby Brainerd, who investigates a case of murder, voracity, and plain stupidity.

Does Sherriff Gunderson discover the truth behind the macabre? Or will Jerry’s plan crumble and wither amidst the sinister politeness of Minnesota suburbia?

Yah, you betcha.

Written by: Frances Walker

Release Dates

UK DVD release
April 21st 2003
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009