10 Best Rocket Raccoon Moments

Furriest of the Guardians of the Galaxy…



    • dangoodfellow

      Oct 18th 2013, 20:43

      loved rocket rac**n ever since they reprinted his solo story in the back of Transformers comic in the eighties. And it's cooler than you think. those aren't just space clowns, they're cyborg toy assasin space clowns, who juggle grenades. AWESOME

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    • brendanmcgloin

      Oct 19th 2013, 2:27

      Rocket racc**n first appeared in the mid 70's, not the 60's. Specifically Marvel Preview Magazine #7 from 1976. Incredible Hulk #271 was his first comic book appearance... and in 1982. So, yeah, not the sixties.

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