10 Best Weird Cameos Of The '90s

Tim Burton to Hulk Hogan, Marty Sheen to Marty Scorsese...

10. Sean Connery - Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves (1991)
At a personal request from Kevin Costner, Shir Sean turned up at the end of Prince Of Thieves as King Richard the Lionheart.

For one day’s work he earned the princely sum of $250,000, which he donated to his Educational Trust in Scotland. It was supposed to be a big secret. Even in the days before Ain’t It Cool, though, everyone knew about it long before the film was released...

9. Tim Burton - Singles (1992)
“He’s only, like, the next Scorseez...” A laconic video-dating receptionist’s description of Brian, the morose, black-coated director who crops up in Cameron Crowe’s underrated rom-com.

Crowe called on Burton to play this tiny part as a favour between friends. And it works. Though he’s only on screen for a few seconds, Burton does a perfect take-off of a distracted art-school video helmer.

8. Hulk Hogan - Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
Joe Dante’s Gremlins follow-up is loaded with pop-culture riffs, though most of the film’s best references are now lost in the dust of nostalgia.

Still, there’s fun to be had in this literally show-stopping encounter between wrestling gimp Hulk Hogan and the devious fluffy/feral beasties. When the film gets out of hand, Hogan stands up in the 'audience' before loudly demanding it gets back on track.

7. George Lucas - Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)
Director John Landis is a man known for calling on his famous friends to crop up in his films. Not actors, though: Landis only employs his fellow directors.

Beverly Hills Cop III is swarming with quick pop-up slots: Martha Coolidge, Joe Dante, John Singleton, Arthur Hiller and animator Ray Harryhausen...

Best of all is George Lucas as 'Disappointed Man', spookily predicting the reactions of Star Wars fans to his later work.

6. Martin Sheen - Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)
Among the Hot Shots! sequel’s scattergun joke parade, none work better than this almost-throwaway moment. Charlie Sheen’s Topper Harley is travelling up a jungle river as the film morphs into a parody of Apocalypse Now.

Without warning, Sheen looks up at a passing boat, only to semi-recognise his dad (and Apocalypse star) Martin. “Loved you in Wall Street!” they say in unison. A cameo par excellence.

5. Charlton Heston - Wayne's World 2 (1993)
The Wayne’s World films loved tampering with format. Take this example, in which Wayne asks for directions from a petrol station attendant.

When the actor playing the role just isn’t giving it enough thespian oomph, Wayne calls for a replacement. Cue Chuck Heston, who delivers a hilariously portentous take on the material. A clever and memorable moment from the days when Mike Myers was funny.

4. Stan Lee - Mallrats (1995)
Comic-book nutcase Brodie (Jason Lee) gets romantic advice from the master of superheroes, Stan Lee.

In a time before Lee was cropping up in every adaptation of his work, this stood out as a funny use of a personal hero. It’s virtually a supporting part (he had so many lines he ended up reading them from cue cards), but it gets the nod here because it's Lee's original - and still - best cameo and it reminds us a bit of the Marshall McLuhan moment in Annie Hall.

3. Martin Scorsese - The Age Of Innocence (1993)
Some directors would never dream of appearing in their own films. Marty not only appears in his own movies but also turns up in his friends’ flicks as well.

Here he has a brief exposure as the photographer in the sequence where May (Winona Ryder) has her picture taken. You can also hear him as the ambulance dispatcher in 1999’s Bringing Out The Dead. But that was rubbish.

2 Sharon Stone - The Last Action Hero (1993)
Surely we can all agree that Last Action Hero was a case of 'Close but no big fat '80s-throwback cigar' for Arnie and Predator helmer John McTiernan.

But while the movie was lambasted on release and ignored by audiences, it’s still worth a look for its massive cameo count. Our favourites are Robert Patrick’s knowing turn as the T-1000 (see also Wayne’s World) and Sharon Stone reprising Basic Instinct’s Catherine Trammell - tabbing up in the police station.

1. Julia Roberts & Bruce Willis - The Player (1992)
In a film staggering under the weight of more than 60 celebrity cameos, Robert Altman’s searing Holly-satire is capped with the cloying, soaring denouement to a wonderfully fake action blockbuster.

With Roberts about to die in the gas chamber, Willis bounds in to shoot out the window and rescue her for a ludicrous but studio-mandated happy ending. “What kept you?” gasps Julia. “Traffic was a bitch...” replies Bruce. Priceless.

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    • LizzieJ

      Mar 12th 2009, 12:46

      The best example of Landis doing this, circa the 1980's, is Into the Night. Jim Henson shows up, Amy Heckerling, Jonathon Demme, Roger Vadim and even Landis himself among many more, make appearances. The movie is ok, but it's worth watching just to try and pick out the cameos.

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    • SCQ47

      Mar 12th 2009, 15:27

      Aw. Sean. "I'm not British! I'm Scotish!" Quick to play king of England for a paycheck and even quicker for knighthood. Funny that is.

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