10 Creepy Horror Movie Kids

Think normal ankle-biters are scary? Try this lot...



Children can be frightening at the best of times - they're loud, filthy and endlessly overdosed on sugar.

But in horror movies, they're even worse. So to mark the arrival of scary-kid creepfest Orphan to cinemas this Friday, we decided to look back at the weirdest kids on screen...

The Movie: The Omen (1976)
The Kid:
Damien Thorn (Harvey Stephens)

Switched at birth with the stillborn child of American diplomat Robert Thorn, Damien is the Antichrist. No, not just a badly behaved little bastard, the son of Satan.

Tended by dodgy nanny Mrs Baylock (Billie Whitelaw), he creeps out everyone around him with his moody stare and annoying trike-riding.
The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch:
After Damien knocks his mother down the stairs, equally evil Mrs Baylock kills her with a truly fatal fall - chucking her out of her hospital room.

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The Movie: The Ring (2002)
The Kid: Samara Morgan (Daveigh Chase)

The scary star of a literally killer video, Samara is a vengeful spirit taking revenge for being locked in an institution and then dropped into a well to drown.

The drippy weirdo then spreads her destructive power through the folklore-afflicted tape and kills anyone who watches it after seven days.

Bet that wouldn't have happened with a Blu-Ray.
The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch: When the watery wraith emerges from the TV to slaughter Noah Clay (Martin Henderson) by scaring him to death.

Her unnatural, twisty-body movement and juddery jump-cut stalking is enough to give any kid bad dreams and keep them away from the telly for weeks.

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The Movie: Joshua (2007)
The Kid: Joshua Cairn (Jacob Kogan)

Prodigy Joshua would be slightly creepy even if he wasn't in a horror movie.

With his button-down suits, and old-man attitude, he's like one of those weird '80s Young Conservative kids.

Oh, and he's also a pathological liar with a deep hatred for both his parents and his new baby sister.
The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch:
While Joshua doesn't get up to much shocking violent, he does kill his grandmother by shoving her down a museum staircase.

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The Movie
: The Exorcist (1973)
The Kid: Regan MacNeil

While she's not inherently evil herself, poor Regan is possessed by Pazuzu - who sounds like a character on a CBeebies series, but is actually a foul-mouthed, foaming demon type.

Cue levitation, pea-soup spew-fests and sweary tirades at her mother and the priests trying to save her soul.

The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch:
Take your pick.

Blair herself has said that she wasn't allowed to watch any of it, but we'd definitely keep her away from the scene where her demon passenger has her use a crucifix in a way that would make the Pope vomit pea soup himself.

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The Movie: The Unborn (2009)
The Kid:
Barto (Ethan Cutkosky)

With his glowing blue eyes and veiny skin, this spooky little spirit child haunts a family across three generations.

He's actually a Jewish demon known as a dybbuk, which inhabits the body of the dead (and the living) to carry out his evil deeds.

His latest target is the beautiful Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman), since he probably figures he can get away with anything if he looks like her.

The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch: We'd go with the final exorcism scene, with its violent deaths and neck-stabbing action.

Plus the film's kind of stupid, so it's best he skips it.

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The Kid: Henry Evans (Macaulay Culkin)

He's Macaulay Culkin as a nipper, so of course he's evil!

Evans is a sociopathic little s**t, who delights in violence (including offing a neighbour's dog with a crossbow and dropping a dummy from a motorway bridge to cause a pile-up).

Cousin Mark (Elijah Wood) tries to dob him in, but Henry's butter-wouldn't-melt facade works to keep his parents clueless. At least until the cliff-hanging finale.

The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch:
Though he shot his own death scene, we're betting he wasn't allowed to watch it when the movie opened.

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The Movie:
Village Of The Damned (1960)

The Kid:
The Midwich "cuckoos"

Adapted from John Wyndham's novel, the plot finds an entire British village falling unconscious. Soon after they awaken, all of the local women fall pregnant.

The result? A bunch of scary, super-powered brats with bright blond hair and scary glowing eyes.

The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch:
When the kids use their mental powers to make a man shoot himself.

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The Movie: Pet Sematary (1989)

The Kid: Gage Creed (Miko Hughes)

Pity poor Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) - he moves with his family to a small town and their cat is run over.

Then it is brought back to life by a freaky cemetery. So when his toddler son is squashed by a speeding truck, Louis decides to give the boy the same treatment.

Bad idea! Gag returns as a killer zombie child with a taste for murder.

The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch:
The child calls to his mother, than stabs her in the back with a scalpel.

There must be a metaphor there somewhere...

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The Movie:
Hide And Seek (2005)

The Kid: Emily Callaway (Dakota Fanning)

Fanning is Emily, the withdrawn daughter of recent widower David Calloway.

Already traumatised by the suicide of her mother, Emily retreats into a world of her own.

She soon admits to her father that she sees an imaginary friend called "Charlie" who eventually starts murdering people.

Spoiler Alert! There's a twist - Emily is not the dangerous one. It's Bobby D, who has a split personality.

The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch:
Fanning can stand most things, but she probably wasn't shown the bloody discovery of De Niro's wife's suicide.

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The Movie: Birth (2004)

The Kid: Sean (Cameron Bright)

Bright is a more of a psychologically creepy child than a truly evil one.

He tries to convince Nicole Kidman's Anna that he's the reincarnation of her dead husband.

And he's so persuasive that, at one point, they end up naked in the bath together, with Anna planting a kiss on her lips. If that doesn't make your skin crawl slightly, we don't know what will.

The Scene They Probably Weren't Allowed To Watch: It's got to be the bathtub scene. WE wish we hadn't had to see it...

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