10 Movie Stars Who Fought The Law

Crime pays when you're in La La Land...



    • Hadouken76

      Jul 13th 2010, 15:03

      Matthew Mconahey was done for playing bongos in the nude under the influence of happy fags, Jane Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Nick Nolte all 'caught by the fuzz' and most famously Hugh Grant whos date found the charges hard to swallow and didnt mind 'goin down' etc...

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    • SCQ47

      Jul 13th 2010, 15:25

      No Sinatra? Huh.

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    • jane70

      Jul 13th 2010, 20:40

      Paris hilton movie star,r u lot on drugs!!!!!

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    • Jenzy

      Jul 14th 2010, 18:34

      Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen are two obvious examples. Sheen's been arrested nearly 60 times for "Civil Disobedience".

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