10 Things That Must Be In Tron Legacy

What the sequel needs to honour - and avoid...



    • SCQ47

      Jul 28th 2009, 15:34

      I agree with you that the costume desperately needs to be reworked, but what they are presenting is just a motorcycle helmet and and a leather suit. There's nothing in the costume design that puts us back in the GRID. Hollywood is at an all-time low when it comes to production design. From Transformers, GI Joe, Crystal Skull, Phantom Menace... and the list goes on and on, the designs are forgettable and down right horrible. TRON might suffer from the same fate.

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    • loopylass14uk

      Feb 21st 2010, 23:53

      Just nit-picking here but why on earth did you only give the original Tron 2 stars if you do indeed love it "with a passion" as you say? Those 2 tiny stars say otherwise you know . . . Sorry lol, I just couldn't help but wonder. I am looking forward to Tron Legacy rather a lot though. I watched the trailer and it just looks so damned cool doesn't it? Hope it lives up to the hype.

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