12 Cool New Posters Get a Critical Look

We review fresh Terminator, Trek and Wild Things ads...


Initial thoughts: Well, it doesn’t have floaty big heads. That’s a big plus. And the top-down approach to the imagery is nicely original.

We’re not saying it’s going on our wall anytime soon, but it’s a decent take on the action movie imagery.

What does the poster tell us: Columbus short is apparently worthy of the “and” credit. Really? And not Jean Reno or Larry Fishburne?

Does it make us want to see the film? Yes, for the most part. Though that’s more down to the concept of the movie than the picture.


The Box

Initial thoughts: CAMERON DIAZ! Hey, do you think Cameron Diaz is in this? If so, we hope that nasty rash clears up soon.

The studio obviously wants to go for star power over selling the mystery, but the tiny man intrigues us.

What does the poster tell us: Is that a box? It looks like a handbag he’s holding.

Does it make us want to see the film? No. But it’s Richard Kelly and we really, truly want to give him the benefit of the doubt after Southland Tales. Come back to us, RK!


Drag Me To Hell

Initial thoughts: Now THIS is a poster! We can see Sam Raimi chuckling as he approves the idea.

Even the tagline works.

What does the poster tell us: Alison Lohman is having a very bad day. But orange suits her, so it’s a lose-win deal.

Does it make us want to see the film?
Oh hell – pun entirely intended – yes!


Julie & Julia

Initial thoughts:  Hey, how did a magazine article from the ‘80s find its way into a cinema poster casing. It’s what? For the new Meryl Streep? Really?

All kidding aside, it makes us reassess our lives. And yes, we have… butter.

What does the poster tell us:
That eggs might be featured at some point. But it’s partly about cooking, so that figures.

Does it make us want to see the film?
Not yet, though the cast – Streep and Amy Adams – is certainly a draw. We’re just hoping Nora Ephron has stepped her game up.


Sherlock Holmes

Initial thoughts: It’s a teaser poster, so we’ll go slightly easier on this one. But Robert Downey Jr certainly looks like he should be sneaking around period alleyways.

Only trouble is, it would be as Jack The Ripper. Still, liking the pipe action.

What does the poster tell us
: That America will get its Holmes fill just in time for Christmas. Oh, and Downey Jr’s glasses are cool.

Does it make us want to see the film? Tough to tell at this point. We’ll go with… maybe.


Taking Woodstock

Initial thoughts:
Oooh…. Psychedelic! And period appropriate to boot. Hats off to the Woodstock poster team – they’ve created something pretty cool here.

It’s one that wouldn’t look out of place on a wall. But we’re not quite sold by the “take the trip” tagline.

What does the poster tell us:
That whoever designed this likes certain recreational narcotics. Or just thumbed through The Big Book Of The ‘60s.

Does it make us want to see the film?
Actually, it does. As soon as our eyes go back to normal.


Terminator: Salvation

Initial thoughts:
It’s certainly in keeping with the current run of TS imagery. Lots of embers, moody blokes and killer robots.

A little generic, but we like the blend of Bale, Worthington and the chrome dome.

What does the poster tell us: That it’s actually a wacky sitcom! Featuring the crazy antics of two mismatched buddies and their money-grabbing cybernetic landlord! Okay, maybe not.

Does it make us want to see the film:
Not more than we do already. Which is to say a lot.


The Girlfriend Experience

Initial thoughts: And we thought the Taking Woodstock poster messed with our eyes.

It’s almost too much like a Maybelline ad, but it sells the idea well.

What does the poster tell us: That sexy lady Sasha Grey is either really surprised at something on the road ahead, or we’ve caught her in a moment of naughtiness.

Does it make us want to see the film? The tag line, “See it with someone you **** draws us in. Plus, porn star. So, okay.


The Great Buck Howard

Initial thoughts: While it screams “quirky indie comedy that was at Sundance”, it’s not a bad example of the type.

And any poster sporting Steve Zahn with a huge ‘tache is all right by us.

What does the poster tell us: That the filmmakers want to have their a-list cake and eat it. Yes, it focuses on Malkovich and Colin Hanks, but they couldn’t resist getting a pic of Tom in there.

Does it make us want to see the film? Yeah, it does.


Where The Wild Things Are

Initial thoughts: You! Behind the tree! We see you! Ah, Wild Things… is there noting you can’t make better?

We’ve seen online bitching that the forest looks like someone’s local park, but we really like this image.

What does the poster tell us: That the Wild Things are mischievous types, and need to sharpen their claws like domestic house cats.

Does it make us want to see the film? We were sold before this. Would this poster alone make us go? Probably.


Star Trek

Initial thoughts:
The Future begins? More like giant floating heads watch over us all!

Come on, Paramount… Couldn’t you have scrounged up some new cast images to use? And the shot of the Enterprise being built? Not doing it for us.

We prefer the US poster. See that one below.

What does the poster tell us:
Kirk might just be the focus here. Possibly Spock.

Does it make us want to see the film? Only if you love people on bikes fleeing starship construction yards.




It looks like Teddy Ruxpin crossbred with Sasquatch.

What does the poster tell us: That Robbie Coltrane needs a new agent. And that Eugene Levy needs… Aw, it’s too late for him.

Does it make us want to see the film?
Not even at gunpoint.


    • starwars4life

      Apr 9th 2009, 16:49

      What has Robbie Coltrane done?! He used to be respected! His career was at tail end after appearing in 'Provoked' but now it has plummeted to somewhere i don't think even a group of pubescent wizards could save him from.

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    • kevinknapman

      Apr 9th 2009, 18:01

      If you think the 'Gooby' poster is bad, check out the trailer http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi1635189529/ I really hope to god this is just a late April Fool's joke.

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    • Aberskene

      Apr 9th 2009, 20:17

      what in the name of god is that Gooby pish?! jesus, i'm gonna have nightmares about that bloody freaky bear thing for weeks.

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    • espontaneo

      Apr 9th 2009, 22:36

      Jesus H Christ that is without doubt one of the most awful trailers I have ever seen. What's with the voiceover it's like something off of the grindhouse trailer classics DVD only scarier!

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    • Mart15

      Apr 10th 2009, 14:00

      I wonder how many people they can fool with the prestigious film festival laurel thingies at the top... Because everyone's heard of and trusts the taste of the Toronto Family Film Festival board :P

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    • thedarkknight

      Apr 14th 2009, 0:40

      Gooby trailer. "I love you, willy." LOL That's the voice of the guy who did trailers on VHS videos for Free Willy and other s**t. I think that film might be so bad it will be really good.

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