12 Things They Cut From Harry Potter

The book stuff that went missing from the movies



    • acushla

      Nov 13th 2009, 12:51

      I agree it's sad that certain characters and sub-plots had to go, but there's no limit to how long a novel can be.... the same can't be said of a movie.

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    • killerosity

      Nov 11th 2010, 14:25

      and theres another one sorry total film but theres a major on that youve missed out a plot infact that comes into the 7th film and book a little thing called a diadem and since i dont want to spoil anything i wont say anymore because in the 6th film this isnt included and its so frustrating because its SO VERY IMPORTANT in the 7th film it actually is so important i dont know how they could miss it out

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    • SilverD

      May 3rd 2014, 23:08

      Why did they cut peeves out. He's in all the books. He had big parts in books 1,2, and 4

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