15 Brilliant Helena Bonham Carter Performances

How to become a national treasure...



    • jws1272

      Jan 7th 2011, 13:23

      No Sweeney Todd? Travesty!

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    • ChrisWootton

      Jan 7th 2011, 14:06

      Frankenstein? Do you remember the scene where she is the bride? Shocking performance. Fight Club is her best though

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    • virgilsdiner

      Jan 7th 2011, 16:18

      Good list...also disappointed in no Sweeney Todd...how about 12th Night - it's an underappreciated film and she's utterly charming as Olivia.

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    • hood65

      Jan 7th 2011, 17:56

      Frankenstein was absolute rubbish, over acted luvy c**p. I would rather sit through battlefield earth than watch it again.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 7th 2011, 19:45

      She was great in Miami Vice, as Crocketts junkie surgeon girlfriend and that short film with Rik Mayall, where he plays a runaway groom.

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    • matty2392

      Jan 7th 2011, 21:19

      she is just epic simple as

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    • lfrost

      Jan 8th 2011, 0:55

      How About Getting It Right! Using a lower class accent!

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