15 Lessons Star Trek 2 Could Learn From BSG

What JJ could borrow from Battlestar Galactica...

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    • RemakesJustSuck

      Oct 16th 2009, 0:34

      BSG was mostly a disaster, it had 3-4 good actors the rest of the cast were terrible. It had one good season the rest was unwatcable If anything JJ should try to be nothing like Battlestar Unwatcable, either the new or the 80s version both of them sucked and are terribly over-rated by fanboys

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    • Paul2320

      Apr 26th 2010, 8:23

      But you watched all of them. Right? That's how you knew that they all sucked..

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    • Gorty

      Oct 27th 2010, 20:56

      Yeah, please stop with RDM a*s-kissing. "No SF cliches"?! Have you even bothered to watch the show? RDM is pushing this BS that because he didn't include aliens and time travel that he avoided SF cliches. But what about tons of other cliches that went on and on trough the show like chosen one (at one point there were at least 6 "chosen one" characters), the special child, returns from the dead, androids secretly among us, Adam and Eve... And he may not include time travel but he included endless and pointless flashbacks.

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