15 Most Hated Cannes Films

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    • ChrisWootton

      May 17th 2012, 10:21

      The Davinci code was the last film I walked out of in the cinema.. I quite enjoyed Marie Antoinette, think the jury got it wrong with that one

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    • luke22

      May 17th 2012, 11:23

      The Tree of life and Irreversible are 2 of the best films of the last 10 years....can't wait to see what the most hated film of cannes 2012 is....it will probably be another masterpiece. Luke

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    • Hadouken76

      May 17th 2012, 17:11

      What about Godzilla? "Godzilla is bigger than this building!" They proclaimed. Yeah.. You spelt 'sh*tt*er' wrong.

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    • marc96

      May 17th 2012, 18:36

      theres so many here that are good & i still think southland tales was ok, granted in comparison to Donnie Darko its nothing

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    • joker16

      May 18th 2012, 0:28

      "Mark Kermode was famously ejected from the film's official screening , having begun shouting, "il est merde, il est merde" midway through proceedings." God, his epic d*******gness knows no bounds. If they ever started killing off film critics, I can only hope and pray he'd be the 1st to go.

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    • StevePotter

      May 19th 2012, 2:07

      "The Tree of Life" is just one of those films you really have to see in order to know how you feel about it. Personally, I wouldn't call it one of the best films ever made (not by a long shot), but it was good. I wish there were more creation scenes (because they looked fantastic) and less narration (because it was... less than fantastic).

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