15 Questions Raised By The Prometheus Viral Campaign

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    • gat2103

      Apr 26th 2012, 7:32

      Try a little harder and get the planet number right!

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    • ChrisWootton

      Apr 26th 2012, 8:29

      They have.. it's set on LV-223... Alien and Aliens is set on LV-426..

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    • Tyrunn

      Apr 26th 2012, 8:41

      @gat2103 - that is the correct planet, they're not going to LV422 - it's almost as if you're purposefully stupid!

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Apr 26th 2012, 8:43

      I think that wee rant was about the typo in number 9.

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    • 2Dglasses

      Apr 26th 2012, 14:41

      Seriously, much more of this and the only questions will be "will there be anything in the film that we havent seen already?". I'm still hoping this will be ace, but c'mon, it looks so jam packed full of everything it will require a preposterous amount of explanation to explain this film let alone its links to other ones.

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    • Agent69

      Apr 26th 2012, 15:59

      Couldn't that humanoid creature be a mutated crew-member? Not the Space Jockey?

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    • nkutzler

      Apr 26th 2012, 17:11

      All I know is that when Ethan Hunt walks through the smoke at the end of Ghost Protocol, he probably ended up on this ship. Is he the space Jockey? Is he the old man? Was the head modeled in likeness of Tom Cruise? We'll find out...

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    • FBGGugliuzza

      Apr 26th 2012, 17:33

      Why does this stupid article exist? All of this is common sense. I see "15 Questions Raised..." and I come to this retarded article. Way to wast my time jack a*s.

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    • timh77

      Apr 26th 2012, 17:44

      I reckon the humanoid by the waterfall looks like Fassbender?

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    • RubberJoshy

      Apr 26th 2012, 18:21

      Regarding number 8: is it not more likely that the "traitor" accusation is a reference to the patent battle between Weyland and the Yutani start-up over the David design (referenced in the Weyland timeline)? After all "the Company" of the originals is called Weyland-Yutani, something which has not yet been mentioned... Could the sh#t-hitting-fan part of the story be caused in part by a Yutani revenge, or is leverage found by Yutani to merge/buy out/take over Weyland? Looking forward to finding out...

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    • stephen234

      Apr 27th 2012, 0:32

      FBGGugliuzza - Nobody forced you to read this article, you didn't have to read it.

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 27th 2012, 11:26

      So this is what queuing up at comic-con sounds like...

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    • MrScary

      Apr 27th 2012, 17:44

      Anyone remember the combination to Kirk's safe in season 2 / episode 7?

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    • Biderbeck

      Apr 28th 2012, 4:51

      this reminds me of AI the robot boy in that film was also named David. however he is the first of his type. not sure where they are getting the Natzi stuff from cause the robot has blond hair?

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    • Biderbeck

      Apr 28th 2012, 5:22

      #13 What if the Space Jockey was actually trying to hide Xenomorphs from being used as weapons because of the potential danger? So he stole the gift of the science gods but not to give it to anyone but to hide it away 4ever. His punishment would be to watch over them for all time

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    • FBDHughes

      Apr 29th 2012, 12:23

      I reckon, thanks to the Alien Mucas they find, David BECOMES Mr. S. Jockey, with his Android DNA(!) changed into Alieny stuff and becomes a 'King'. I wouldnt be surprised if Peter Wymand pre paid the Elephant Jockeys in advance to make a statue of his head for when he arrived as an old duffer!

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    • FBFBah

      Apr 30th 2012, 18:48

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