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    • Bex1310

      Jun 3rd 2011, 13:34

      Uh...it's Romy who's in love with Billy, not Michele. Just sayin...

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    • Bex1310

      Jun 3rd 2011, 13:38

      Also, why are the all the British alternatives so sh*t?! Make us sound even more like losers next time please....

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    • Lizhawkins

      Jun 3rd 2011, 22:39

      @Bex1310 Romy/Michele blunder rectified. Ta very much.

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    • tharo

      Jun 3rd 2011, 23:18

      When i was reading the 'if it was a British school disco' parts i was thinking this has to written by someone not British. Imagine my suprise when i read the last page 'This could never happen in Britain, surely - we’re far too uptight' Maybe you have crooked teeth and like to 'keep it in the family' but please dont tar us all with your brush.

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    • MikeyRix

      Jun 5th 2011, 20:13

      You seem a little behind re the "If it was British..." bits: punch would be spiked with either vodka or a vodka-based drink and there would be way more teenage pregnancies than you're implying. :p

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