2 Inspirational Weight Loss Movies...

Two films that’ll help you lose weight. And one that won’t

If you're anything like totalfilm.com, you ate waaaay too much this Christmas. And just in case Fincher ever decides to make Fight Club 2, we probably need to get back into shape as soon as possible. The films below should help.

Shallow Hal (2001)

Okay, so the message of Shallow Hal is all about inner beauty. But let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather look like Gwyneth Paltrow without the fat suit?

Hell, even Paltrow herself didn’t want to look like a fatty, preferring to spend hours and hours in make-up to eating the burgers and cakes it would take to put on the weight for real, Robert De Niro style.

So if you had too many extra helpings this Christmas, and need something to scare you skinny, stick on Shallow Hal. Dodge the message about loving everyone no matter what the look like, and focus on the image of fatty Paltrow in a bikini.

Super Size Me (2004)

We all go into January with a couple of weight-loss resolutions under our (suddenly too-tight) belts, but it’s hard to lose pounds when there are lunch break Quarter Pounders to be scoffed.

If you think you’ll find it hard to walk past a McDonalds in the first month of January, stick on Super Size Me before New Year’s Eve.

But not just for the obvious reasons. Yeah, you’ll find out about how bad the burgers are for your body, but you’ll also get to meet Morgan Spurlock. And what better way to put you off stepping into a McDonalds than to introduce you to the sort of preachy, pedantic, sanctimonious idiots that occasionally go in there.


The Machinist (2004)

Whatever you do this January, don’t watch The Machinist. Do only will it make you feel like Jabba The Hutt in comparision, but it may put you off your diet altogether.

If you do accidentally catch it, don’t worry, adding a few green things to your diet won’t turn you into the gaunt skeleton that staggers across the screen where Christian Bale should be.

And console yourself with the fact that, on Christopher Nolan’s insistance, Christian put on so much weight following The Machinist for Batman Begins, the crew nicknamed him Fatman. Happens to the best of us, see.


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