20 Best Movie Scenes Of 2012

The greatest film moments of the year...



    • StevePotter

      Dec 20th 2012, 8:19

      I LOVE The Dark Knight Rises. I LOVE Bane. I think it's the second best film of the year. But the opening plane heist is EASILY the most overblown, overhyped scene in the entire film. I think it's AWFUL. Poorly paced, poorly written, poorly acted. Bane's voice is UNBEARABLE in that scene, whereas the rest of the film I thought he was fine. There was no suspense to Bane's reveal, unlike with "The Dark Knight." Frankly, that's what it was- an attempt to rehash on the success of "The Dark Knight's" opening sequence. And while, I (in my own opinion) truly believe that "Rises" surpassed its predecessor, I think that the plane heist was a terrible way to open the film.

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    • dancarmody

      Dec 20th 2012, 10:25

      I know people will bring up why isn't avengers in this list anywhere. But the one scene missing for me was the releasing of the nightmares in cabin in the woods, bat s**t crazy and so exciting for a horror geek!

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    • Jareth64

      Dec 20th 2012, 12:41

      A nice selection. My favourite scene from Prometheus was the first minute before everything else went so terribly down hill. Biggest disappointment of the year? Joint with The Dark Knight Rises. I don't think time will be kind on Nolan's film. It's his worst film to date.

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    • beccamollins

      Dec 20th 2012, 13:12

      defo think they should have had the scene from the avengers where the hulk picks up loki and smashes him around like a doll haha

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    • SiMan

      Dec 20th 2012, 13:54

      Would have liked to have seen the Raid feature somewhere on here - any of the machete fight scenes should be worthy of a shout (maybe on these lists TF could add a 'honorable mentions' entry at the end). Also, i know its a different thing and its only from a movie, but is it a little in bad taste to include a scene where someone guns down their co-workers in a laboratory considering the recent events in America?

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    • Pearceyy96

      Dec 20th 2012, 14:32

      Love the fact that the cemetry shoot-out is in there! love that scene... Just a bit confused why the "Hulk Smash" isn't in there and/or the release of the nightmares in Cabin in the Woods? Bane was a worthy number 1 though :D

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    • marc96

      Dec 20th 2012, 14:52

      i'd have the introduction of Silva in here that whole scene was awesome to watch

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    • marc96

      Dec 20th 2012, 14:55

      from Skyfall i mean

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    • lovropreprotnik

      Dec 20th 2012, 16:29

      Great list!Still wanting to see some other movies like:Skyfall,Cloud Atlas,The Late Quartet...They have a bunch of remarkable scenes.

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    • Hadouken76

      Dec 20th 2012, 19:22

      Bilbo vs Gollum should have been in there. Serkis provides a masterclass in subtle gestures that make you forget you are watching a CG'd character. Plus there was massive plotholes in TDKR, like how come no-one has the presence of mind to take off the CIA prisoners hoods BEFORE they got on the plane? How come Batman is weaker than Bane with a non-damaged back?

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    • Tmac11

      Dec 20th 2012, 22:03

      LOVED Looper, but I'd have picked the scene showing the demise of Seth/future Seth. Chilling stuff.

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    • wibble

      Dec 21st 2012, 4:50

      10% of these scenes feature Matthew McConaughey. I've woken up in a parallel universe, haven't I?

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 21st 2012, 4:51

      The plane heist had my jaw on the floor when I saw it in the cinema.

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    • J1084

      Dec 21st 2012, 8:45

      Hang on.... No Avengers assembling, No Aston Martin being destroyed in Skyfall and no Spider-man taking down a swat team??????? SHAME ON YOU TOTAL FILM?!?!

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    • thedanieljson

      Dec 26th 2012, 11:37

      @dancarmody DAMN RIGHT!! It was both hilarious, shocking and epic all at the same time. It blew my mind - one of my favourite movie moments of all time, let alone just this year.

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    • henryjr

      Jan 5th 2013, 19:34

      Very good list, my favourite has to be the incredibly stylish scene from Looper. I would have also included the final 15 minutes of Cabin in the Woods, the end of Like Crazy, the end of Sound of my Voice, the silhouette fight in China from Skyfall, a different scene from Berberian Sound Studio (Italian girl reading Gilderoy's letter - genuine chills), and the drive-by from Killing Them Softly.

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    • FBGKennelly

      Nov 16th 2013, 8:20

      best scenes of 2013 so far ? gosling makes a phone call from a strangers house brad pitt and the bolito -The Counselor dicaprio versus edgerton -Great Gatsby jackman and dano and the hammer -Prisoners bullock extreme panic -Gravity hanks gets the med exam -Captain Phillips cameron diaz and the car -The Counselor fassbender whips patsy -12 Years A Slave customer appreciation day -At Any Price the shootout -MUD julian saves the girl -Only God Forgives grocery store -The Hunt sex scene -Blue Is The Warmest Color tell em come down and stop me -The Iceman

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