20 Funniest Futurama Film Parodies

Relive Fry, Bender and Leela's best movie moments!



    • Hadouken76

      Jun 24th 2010, 9:49

      Funniest line in series: "Games over losers, Ive got all the money, Compare your lives to mine then kill yourselves,"

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    • KerrAvon

      Jun 27th 2010, 19:20

      Zap Brannigan: "What makes a man neutral? Lust for power, gold or was he born with a heart full of neutrality?" Great DnD line.

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    • metalgatesolid

      Jul 2nd 2010, 21:43

      Best line in Futurama history... Zapp brannigan: "I am the man with no name...Zapp Brannigan, at your service" Or any of the Bender comebacks in the Spanish Fry Episode.

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