20 Most Satisfying Movie Happy Endings

And what if they'd been miserable...



    • deadmansshoes

      Mar 31st 2010, 9:59

      How would Alabama go back to Drexl when Drexl got shot in the face much earlier in the movie?

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    • daveroper

      Mar 31st 2010, 13:55

      Not sure which film it should replace, but Cinema Paradiso really needs to be included in this.

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    • pwcny

      Mar 31st 2010, 14:18

      I always imagined Renton going back to getting high all day and wasting his life away. He had just fell off the wagon and now has a bundle of money. I never really thought of it as a happy ending, but a fitting one

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    • DanRose

      Apr 1st 2010, 16:32

      What, no Teenwolf? That final shot where the ball finally drops into the hoop to win the match by one-point after a superb comeback whilst not being the wolf... The final song Shooting For The Moon kicks in, he's proven everyone wrong, got his dads respect, beaten the bully, hey even got the right girl.... to top it off for the viewer there is the shot with the guy showing his p***s right at the end too... perfect ending...

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    • DanRose

      Apr 1st 2010, 16:33

      er, just to reiterate not the p***s bit, just the perfect feel-good ending of Teenwolf...

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    • alwrighto

      Apr 3rd 2010, 0:11

      I'm pretty sure GoodWill Hunting should be there

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    • msjones82

      Apr 4th 2010, 23:27

      shooting for the moon all the way...ultimate 80s cheese and booth is by far the better choice (over pamnela wells)

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    • coulterscandy

      Apr 5th 2010, 19:04

      Babe surely deserves a mention - when Farmer Hoggett clicks the latch shut on the gate and the crowd erupts in cheers...

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    • elmonty

      Apr 9th 2010, 14:32

      "That'll do, pig... that'll do"

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    • DanielMcA

      Apr 14th 2010, 22:02

      Prozac-guzzling funk? They played at my cousin's wedding.

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