20 Rocking Music Documentaries

The ones that turn the dial up to 11

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 1st 2010, 15:15

      Flight 666, lets face it you wont see Bono pilotting the tour plane any time soon and I recently saw a 4 hour doc on Tom Petty, i didnt like Tom Petty but I do now!

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    • stomachpop

      Jul 4th 2010, 15:33

      The Flaming Lips doc 'The Fearless Freaks' is amazing! Put together with years worth of footage featuring some truly strange and interesting characters....or there is always the ace bio 'Hated' about GG Allen, frontman for the The Murder Jumkies, not only do we see him brawl with fans and roll around in his own faeces but the footage of his final concert where he runs naked from the cops and emerges from a window with a needle hanging from his arm is surely the spirit of rock and roll captured on film!

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