2010 Blog Awards: Best Newcomer Blog



The nominees for Best Newcomer Blog are;




Online for just over a year, this blog takes a smart, geek-centric view on the latest movie news.


Cody Johnston

The 'Doctor Mister Blog with Doctor Mister Cody' to give it's full title, takes satirical swipes at topical stories in pop/film culture.


Radiation Cinema

Atomic-era B-movies are the name of the game. This blog has quickly built up a great archive of monster movie classics from the nuke-powered '50s.


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    • Eviloomp

      Jan 10th 2010, 23:48

      Should have had SciFiMafia.com on this list! They've only been around for a year and already get more traffic than some that are 10 years old. Maybe next year

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    • kieranmasterton

      Jan 12th 2010, 12:09

      None of the above, where's http://www.ultraculture.co.uk? and http://www.jawbone.tv ?

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