23 Female Characters For The Avengers

More Marvels for Joss Whedon to play with



    • thegedman

      Aug 31st 2010, 8:51

      Thats some wish list simon but for me its,Scarlet witch/Spider woman for the good guys.Sin/Enchantress/Titania or the Skrull Queen for the bad.

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    • snakeplissken

      Aug 31st 2010, 10:31

      "Heather Douglas is a shaven-headed, bisexual telepath who achieved her powers after being trained by alien monks." - Necessary gravitas, really?

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    • HardcoreNinja

      Aug 31st 2010, 13:35

      Do we really need more characters in The Avengers? It already looks like it may turn in to an overcast shambles without several more characters in.

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    • Demonac

      Aug 31st 2010, 13:42

      Where's Ms Marvel. She's a big part of recent Avengers lineups and it would be great to have her in it. Otherwise She-Hulk or Spider-woman.

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    • bogman2099

      Aug 31st 2010, 18:11

      this sounds like totalfilms ultimate dream sex orgy not a casting call for the avengers you forgot ms marvel who i think should be played bsg katie sackoff she has the sexiness and the hard girl tom boy attitude which is why ms marvel is acharacter that commands respect and some times as one the few female heroes to take up the mantle as leader of the avengers

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 31st 2010, 19:14

      Thats all this film needs, MORE people

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    • koolerking

      Sep 1st 2010, 5:02

      I cant even see ho its meant to work with IM. One is the real world (hi tech) then your talking about avengers with powers like a tiger?!

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Sep 1st 2010, 22:33

      The Avengers are s**t

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    • aragorn01

      Sep 25th 2010, 1:52

      True, the movie's already got too much on its plate, Cap, Tony, Thor, Natasha, Jackson's Fury...but, they're the LEADS. there's still room for smaller "supporting" cast, that can be introduced here, but explored in the sequels. From the rumors so far, i know that Eva Longoria might be playing another female character, The Wasp. Personally, i want Scarlet Witch, but she and her brother, Quicksilver, might belong to Fox, along with all the other mutant marvel characters, in the x-men franchise. too bad. I can already see either Gemma Arterton or Olga Kurylenko (my first choice for Natasha) in that role. Ms. Marvel could also still be making a debut in the first avengers movie, but not as a superhero, yet, much like Eva's Wasp. In the comics, she started out NOT as Ms. Marvel (that came much much later), but as a military officer. till now, i only see Heroes' Ali Larter playing her. Katee's got that psychotic thing goin on in her look, so, i don't think she's right for this role. If none of the above, then, the recently introduced SHIELD character might be another possibility, MARIA HILL. She's Fury's replacement as that unit's boss. But, in the movie she could be introduced as one of his subordinates, who's often not seeing eye-to-eye with him. Take your pick.

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