25 Best Soundtracks Of 2013

The soundtrack to our year...



    • davidhaswell

      Dec 20th 2013, 13:22

      What about Only God Forgives? The soundtrack was really good and definitely set the tone of the film.

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    • StolenSun

      Dec 20th 2013, 14:07

      Its worth noting, when talking about Frozen, that Idina Menzel started off on Broadway, making her name with her role in RENT and originating the role of Elphaba in Wicked.

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    • MattTragic

      Dec 20th 2013, 18:52

      Ironic given that Total Film appears to no longer have a soundtrack review section.

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    • RAClements

      Dec 20th 2013, 19:18

      No love for Pacific Rim?

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    • nicolascarmona

      Dec 21st 2013, 15:50

      What about The Hobbit: DOS?!?!

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    • oshman4

      Dec 22nd 2013, 13:43

      No Prisoners soundtrack. That was one of my favourites. Dark and moody.

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