25 Movies That Hate London

There’s no place like… that one that was destroyed.



    • Hadouken76

      May 31st 2013, 8:45

      Seeing how most of these are set in London (James Bond, Quatermass etc..), its hardly going happen anywhere else. Also you forgot Spice World, which by all accounts is the worst thing to happen to London by a loong stretch.

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    • 2Dglasses

      May 31st 2013, 10:08

      Big Ben is the bell, not the tower

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    • hmg66

      May 31st 2013, 13:18

      The Greenwich Naval college is raking it in recently, isn't it?

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    • ivlanza

      May 31st 2013, 16:47

      Where's V for Vendetta?

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    • ivlanza

      May 31st 2013, 16:48

      Sorry. V is #10...

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    • HughFran

      Jun 3rd 2013, 18:35

      Hadouken76 every time I see you comment on here, it is something sarcastic or condescending. What's ur point?? Anyhow, good article. I love Reign Of Fire, such an underrated movie. Great post-apocalyptic action.

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    • LauraLasher10

      Jun 5th 2013, 20:30

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