25 Nastiest Decepticons

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    • Ali85

      Jul 8th 2014, 8:20

      Another awful pandering list created to bring in the advertising/sponsorship money from the studio producing the Michael Bay c**p fest!! I mean, take your number 1 - Starscream - Now I could probably get on board with that, Starscream is a pretty awesome fan-favourite decepticon, but not the version from the MB movies, he has no discernible character at all!! The original Starscream was evil, treacherous and only looking out for himself, was constantly trying to overthrow Megatron and generally failing. He came out with hundreds of brilliantly sarcastic one-liners and he was effectively immortal FFS!!!! The version from the MB movies has probably had about 25 words of dialogue in total across the 3 movies I've seen and looks nothing like the original character; he's Starscream in name only! For my opinions on the rest of the list, see my comment on you Autobots list from yesterday - shameful advertising rubbish (poorly written too).

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    • EdDeRs1

      Jul 8th 2014, 10:04

      but do you know who is even nastier, more awesome (has has a cape and horns) and could take any of this lot down? Death's Dead, a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent (call him a bounty hunter and he will kill you) he is a transformer, he's just the same size and originally appeared in the Marvel UK Transformers comics so he does count! aside from scraping with the Transformers he has also fought The Doctor, 2 different version of Iron Man (mainstream and 2020) Spider Man, the X-Men and both versions of him recently appeared in Marvels Revolutionary War, and you will include Death's Head in all these lists and stay healthy, yes?

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    • mrowney

      Jul 8th 2014, 11:09

      You've used Shockwave as the picture for Soundwave. :P

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    • endofdays2

      Jul 8th 2014, 12:30

      This and the list from yesterday are utter crud. I would say it's because you've only used characters from the films but then you also put ones like Rumble in there. No Galvatron. No scourge. The list is also littered with errors, please TF don't let the work experience kids near the lists again.

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      Jul 9th 2014, 17:17

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