30 Coolest Movie Cameos

What a load of shameless scene stealers

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    • shad369

      Nov 22nd 2010, 10:05

      What about Christopher Walken in True Romance? Or the opening scene of Goldmember?

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    • ChrisWootton

      Nov 22nd 2010, 14:41

      Bruce Willis in Loaded Weapon

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    • DarthQuaver

      Nov 22nd 2010, 15:26

      Bruce Campbell in any of the Spider Mans Alice Cooper/Meatloaf in Waynes World Justin Long using his porn star name to good effect in Zack and Miri Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder and many more

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 22nd 2010, 16:15

      Williams Shatner in Airplane 2.. best view screen gag ever!

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    • palladiosoldier

      Nov 23rd 2010, 15:24

      I agree with the William Shatner shout but it has to be in Fanboys. "I'm William Shatner I can score whatever I want"

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Nov 23rd 2010, 18:10

      That Shatner has had some pretty good cameos. Anyone remember that episode of Fresh Prince? Spasers on spun!!!

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