30 Greatest Movies That Take Place In One Day

What a difference a day makes...

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 21st 2013, 8:35

      I would like to add, Rambo : First Blood part one and The Raid. According to director Ramis, Phil is stuck in Groundhog day for something like 35 years, but thats me nit-picking lol.

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 21st 2013, 8:39

      Rambo is 2 days...sorry.

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    • CharsmatcEngma

      Aug 21st 2013, 9:12

      Dredd is ony 27? Awk.

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    • londonmovieloon

      Aug 21st 2013, 11:11

      Just to be pedantic, Groundhog Day isn't 1 day because (ignoring the repeat of the same day) it starts at the news studio on Feb 1 and finishes on the morning of Feb 3, so regardless of how you view the endlessly repeating Feb 2 it actually takes place over 3 days.

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    • FBHStevens

      Aug 21st 2013, 11:32

      I would add Empire Records. for all it's flaws it's still an epic one day movie.

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    • shawshank393

      Aug 21st 2013, 13:17

      I can't believe Phone Booth isn't in there...

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    • CharsmatcEngma

      Aug 21st 2013, 14:40

      Out of interest, anyone know the shortest period of time a movie has ever been set over?

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 21st 2013, 14:58

      @CharsmatcEngma... 1995 JOhnny Depp vehicle 'Nick of Time' was set in real time, which is about an hour and a half. Don't know if any shorter.

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    • CoxyGirl

      Aug 21st 2013, 16:13

      @FBHStevens for some reason I read the comments first on here. Was expecting Empire Records to be on the list, disappointed it's not.

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    • ikbalnasution

      Aug 21st 2013, 16:42

      i think one fine day is not bad, but it should be included here. plus harry potter part 8.

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    • SiMan

      Aug 21st 2013, 16:58

      Harry Potter 7 pt 2's final scene is '19 years later', so that can't be included

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    • frankdevaney

      Aug 21st 2013, 18:18

      Larry Clarks Kids

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    • Ichi1

      Aug 21st 2013, 19:47

      What about Timecrimes....seems to take place over the same 30 minutes or so, just multiple times. And Time Code was shot in real time too. Maybe 90 minutes.

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    • FBKDavis

      Aug 21st 2013, 20:16

      the raid any one.

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    • domagojjurisic

      Aug 22nd 2013, 8:08


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    • metinmetin

      Aug 22nd 2013, 14:38

      Disappointed to see Harold and Kumar and movies like that but not Bergman's Autumn Sonata or Wild Strawberries, Cleo from 5 to 7, Last Year in Marienbad (though time is irrelevant here), Talk Radio, My Dinner With Andre... They were far better than many films listed here.

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    • edwardsmith

      Aug 23rd 2013, 5:38

      I heard that Run Lola Run takes place over 20 minutes in real time, but is a 100 min. movie because it flashes back and forwards within that 20 minutes, so technically, it would be a negative number, ?

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    • FBYBrown

      Aug 30th 2013, 18:44

      "The Walking Dead!" LOL LOL LOL!

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    • kennsquires

      Aug 3rd 2014, 3:06

      how about THE WARRIORS. my favourite movie of all time and a cult classic at that

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