30 Insane True Story Movies

Who needs fiction when you have fact?



    • RoyMantooth

      Nov 11th 2010, 16:31

      I think you mean to write, "with a rain storm in [1816] forcing Percy Shelley and Mary Godwin (later, Shelley) to stay inside while they visited Lord Byron in his villa." None of these folks were alive in 1916. I know it's a type-o; I won't hold it against you.

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    • stevevolk

      Nov 13th 2010, 0:04

      Well, of course the eyes in the girl's breasts are pure Ken Russell. (Just happened to be in Percy Shelley's diary too.) Oh and Mary wrote about seeing a monster that night in her intro to Frankenstein didn’t she? I might be wrong. Years since I did all that research. And the terrible lines written by some hack screenwriter? Er, Byron actually said them, mostly. And they all died the way I said. But apart from that, I love that you thought it all happened in 1916. I left all that World War One Stuff out though – that would be pushing it! Don't worry – only the insane stuff is true. Stephen Volk

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    • repoman1

      Nov 14th 2010, 22:26

      Re: Dead Ringers. Beverly is one of the twins played by Jeremy Irons. Claire was the name of the "mutant" woman.

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